"Agromet" ZEHS SA

Manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders

Our solutions in industry

We specialize in the production of piston, plunger and telescopic hydraulic cylinders.

Our engineering and technology offices are equipped with modern computer design systems that allow us to design and manufacture products in accordance with the wishes of customers. In order to ensure the high quality of our products, in 2001 we implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Agricultural industry

Trailers, loaders, cultivators, tractors, harvesters, presses, balers, etc.

Transport industry

Taillifts, trailers for heavy transport

Manufacturers of hydraulic systems

Earthmoving equipment & machinery, grippers, sawmills

Other industries

Construction machinery, forklifts

Docking systems

Dock levellers, elevators

Municipal vehicles

Garbage trucks, ploughs, sweepers

Hydraulic cylinders

In the production program we have single- and double-acting cylinders: piston (with one-sided or double-sided piston rod), plunger and telescopic (including double-acting) with various mounting methods.

Innovative economy

New technical solutions

In 2021 Our company has introduced the innovative FANUC MT-LINK system, used to monitor and diagnose machines and devices. It is a system that collects information from machines via LAN in real time and saves it in a database.

➢ A simple way to collect and present a wide range of data from multiple devices'
➢ Greater control over production, which makes it possible to increase productivity by eliminating the "bottlenecks",
➢ Communication with superior MES systems,
➢ Possibility to connect various devices: FANUC control, OPC FANUC control, UA MTConnect, robots.

Sustainable development

Our company attaches great importance to the implementation of the sustainable development policy, understood as striving to achieve high economic efficiency and meet the expectations of customers, while respecting the natural environment..
The company complies with the requirements of applicable legal regulations regarding environmental aspects in the field of waste generation, pollutants emitted into the air and sewage.
We successively implement a process aimed at saving electricity consumption by replacing outdated technical devices and machinery.

Capital Group

Our company is part of the capital group:

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