Hydraulic cylinders

Piston cylinders

The working element is a piston connected to the piston rod, through which the force obtained in the cylinder is transmitted.

 ➢ Piston cylinders can be made as single or double acting cylinders with a one-sided or double-sided piston rod.

➢ Possible operation in various positions (through double-sided power supply).

➢ Ranges: piston diameter from 16 mm to 250 mm (standard cylinders in the range 25-160 mm), piston rod diameter from 10 mm to 200 mm, stroke lengths up to about 4000 mm.

Application: construction, forestry and agricultural machinery, forklifts, garbage trucks, etc.

Exemplary designation: CJ-S136-23-90/63/615, that is exactly:

CJ – designation of the type of cylinder: hydraulic piston cylinder,

S136 – special number,

23 – nominal pressure [MPa],

90 – piston diameter [mm],

63 – piston rod diameter [mm],

615 – piston stroke [mm].

Plunger cylinders

The working element is a plunger, the return of which is determined by the force of gravity or spring – these cylinders work in a vertical position, hence their use in car lifts, platforms, etc.

Possible operation only in vertical position.

➢ Ranges: plunger diameter from 6 mm to 185 mm (standard cylinders in the range of 25-80 mm), stroke lengths up to about 3000 mm.

Exemplary designation: CN-S66-16-50/305, that is exactly:

CN – designation of the type of cylinder: hydraulic plunger cylinder

S66 – special number,

16 – nominal pressure [MPa],

50 – plunger diameter [mm],

305 – plunger stroke [mm].

Telescopic cylinders 

They can be single-acting (CTT type) or double-acting (CTT type). The working element in CT cylinders is a series of plungers built in one another, which allows to obtain a large stroke with a small cylinder length.

In CTT cylinders , each plunger ends with a piston. This allows to force a return of plungers with the help of a working liquid.

➢ Ranges: step diameters from 25 mm to 165 mm (in the amount from 2 to 6 steps), stroke lengths up to about 6000 mm..

Application: municipal vehicles, trailers, dump trucks, etc.

➢ Exemplary CT designation: CT-S312-18-60/6/3000, that is exactly:

CT – designation of the type of cylinder: single-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder,

S312 – special number,

18 – nominal pressure [MPa],

60 – plunger diameter (first step) [mm],

6 – number of steps,

3000 – cylinder stroke [mm].