Company history


October 1945
  • The beginning of the organization of the plant under the name of the State Enterprise of Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. In the first period of activity, the collection and repair of all kinds of agricultural equipment and the repair of fields with the help of already repaired machines were carried out.
  • The plant was moved to a new facility – in the place that the company currently
  • .occupies
  • The plant deals only with repairs of agricultural machinery, and therefore its name is changed to Technical Agricultural Service (TOR).
  • The specialization of the plant is narrowing down more and more and in the 50s the plant begins to specialize in repairs of engines of Agricultural Tractors 
  • .Ford Ferguson

  • The production of spare parts for tractors began. It was a turning point in the history of the plant, which began to transform from a service plant into a production plant.
  • The plant completes engine repair
  • .services
  • The plant changes its name to the Agricultural Modernization Production Plant (ZPMR). During this period, the plant mainly produces parts for C45 tractors, and after 1957 also for ZETOR tractors.
  • The name of the Plant was changed to the Mechanical Equipment Plant. During this period, the plant is gradually modernized and armed with more and more modern equipment and learns
  • .new technologies
  • The plant is incorporated into the Agricultural Machinery Plant "AGROMET-Pilmet", established at that time, whose leading plant is the "Pilmet" plant in Wrocław. At the same time, the plant changes its name to Zakład Elementów Hydrauliki Siłowej (Plant of Power Hydraulics Elements).
  • By the decision of the Minister of Metallurgy and Machine Industry, the state enterprise „AGROMET” Zakład Elementów Hydrauliki
  • .was established
  • On the basis of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of 9 July, the function of the founding body was taken over from the Minister of Industry and Trade by the Voivode of Jelenia Góra. The company was transformed into a single-member limited liability company of the State Treasury "AGROMET" ZEHS Lubań sp. z o.o.
  • Under the share sale agreement concluded between the State Treasury and Przedsiębiorstwo Hydrauliki Siłowej "HYDROTOR" S.A. from Tuchola, "HYDROTOR" S.A. became the owner of 
  • ."AGROMET" ZEHS Lubań
  • The company has obtained a certificate of the implemented quality system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.
  • The company changed its legal form to a joint-stock company. Currently, the full name is
  • ."AGROMET" ZEHS Lubań SA